Gate Valves quotation

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Gate Valves quotation

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Expanding gate valves are widely applied where high performance is required like in high temperature and pressure pipelines. The expanding gate valves comply with API6D and provide a superior bi-directional torque based mechanical seal. During operation the gate assembly travels freely between the seal surfaces which will reduce the wear risk and prolong the valve service life.
Design Standard: API 6D
Size Range: 2"-24" (DN50-DN600)
Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 300-2500 (PN40-PN420)
Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel
End Connection: Flange, Butt Welded, RTJ
Operation: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic
Fire Safe Design: Yes
Application: Oil & gas pipeline service
Expanding gate design is versatile in that it provides a mechanical seal between the seats and the gate ensuring valve integrity at both high and low line pressure. The expanding gate valve does not reply on line pressure to seal and is recommended for applications when a tight mechanical seal is required.
Valve Tests:
Comprehensive and advance inspection and test facilitied had been developed to control the quality, which enable us to perform various tests, such as high/low temperature test, low gugitive emission test, flow coefficient test, fire safe test, etc.
Q: How is the temperature performance of expanding gate valves?
A: For high temperature service, the expanding gate valve can be used up to 500℃.Gate Valves quotation

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