Auto Door Accessories Mold

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Auto Door Accessories Mold

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Name: Auto Door Outside Handle Mold
Specification: 380mm*20mm*105mm
Materia l: ABS
Shrinkage: 0.005
Cavity: 1+1
Mold Life: 600000 Shots
Runner Type: Hot runner
Gate Type: Sub gate
Mold base: 1050
Core Steel: 1.2344
Cavity Steel: 1.2344
Surface Treatment: A1
Application area: Automobile
Description: The pull handle is a commonly used car gadget, which is connected to the lock by means of a door lock pull rod for opening and closing the door. The shape of the door handles is different, often combined with the body color and the model has a selective installation. The door handle belongs to the wearing parts in the body accessories. Attention should be paid to the door opening and closing to minimize door handle damage.
Generally fixed on the door trim panel, and the outer handle is fixed on the door outer panel, which facilitates the closing and opening of the door. On the door handle, there is a device that unlocks the door lock so that the door can be opened while the door lock is unlocked.
Q1: Can you make the texture / text / heat_treatment /nitriding for the inejction mold plastic?
A1: Yes, As plastic mold factory, we have long term cooperated factories that do those processes.
They are professional and well reputed in our local market.
Q2: How long is the lead-time for a plastic injection mold?
A2: It all depends on the mold’s size and complexity.Normally, the
lead time is 42-56days.If the Plastic Mouldings are very simple and not big size, we can work out within 15 days.
Q3: Do you make spare parts for your customer?
A3: Yes, we will provide spare parts for the mold if needed or required by client.
Q4: How do you pack the china plastic moulds?
A4: We pack the plastic moulds with wooden box.
There are the main 3 operation steps.
First Step: We daub some rust preventive oil on the mold.
Second step: We pack the mold with thin plastic film and put some desiccant in the wooden box to avoid moisture.
Third step: We put this plastic film packed mold in a wooden box,
and fix it avoid any movement.Auto Door Accessories Mold

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